As the seasons get warmer, Texas is warned to watch out for termites. Termites are a nightmare and can completely destroy your home or property. The average colony houses between 60,000 and 1 million termites and can eat through your roof, deck, and the foundation of your home. If you’ve seen a termite before, the pale, squishy body and large jaws can be very intimidating. Due to their appearance, you may wonder if termites can make you sick or attack you in your sleep. The professionals at TLC Home Inspections specialize in termite and other pest infiltration. Call (512) 900-2191 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Termite Damage

Termite Attacks 

Although termites may not feed off humans like bed bugs or ticks, they can still threaten your safety. It is unlikely that a termite could pass on a disease to a human because of their non-toxic nature, but they are known to bite and sting if they touch human skin. Generally, these creatures are only a physical danger to other insects and will only attack if handled, starved, or otherwise threatened.


According to a study conducted by The Termite Institute, while termite bites may be uncommon, it is more likely that someone will suffer from an allergic reaction or an asthma attack. Termites nest in the walls and vents, so heating or cooling systems may push feces, particles, and dust through the house.

Pesticide Sickness

Even though termites normally won’t make you sick, the process of getting rid of them can. Chemicals such as Chlordane can have negative effects on the human body when brought in contact with the skin our mouth. Harsh chemicals have been known to cause neurological disorders, leukemia, and even certain strains of cancer. 

Though termites may not be as dangerous to humans as some pests, it doesn’t mean they can not harm you. Protect your family and your home by hiring the professionals at TLC Home Inspections. Call (512) 900-2191, and schedule an inspection today.

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