Found the home of your dreams? Make sure your reality lives up to expectations by scheduling a comprehensive evaluation with the professionals at TLC Home Inspections, PLLC in a timely manner. Our seasoned professionals will spend about four hours assessing the property so you have the information you need to make an informed decision. Contact us today us at (512) 900-2191 to request a home inspection. We serve Austin and the surrounding areas, including Marble Falls, San Antonio, Georgetown, and Round Rock.

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Schedule an Inspection to Protect Your Bottom Line

When hundreds of thousands of dollars — your hard-earned dollars — are riding on a decision, don’t make it without doing the research first. Let TLC explore the home from the roof to foundation looking for potential money pits. Wonder what a trained and licensed home inspector examines? Here are some of the items on the list:

  • Roof, attic, and visible insulation
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Floors, windows, and doors
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Interior plumbing and electrical systems
  • Foundation
  • Basement and structural components

Specialty inspections of pools, sprinkler systems, and other non-standard systems are also available for an additional fee. And don’t forget to check for wood-destroying insects too!

TLC Home Inspections is known for taking the time to be thorough, which is possible because our inspectors only evaluate two homes per day. We look at each property as if it were a home we were considering purchasing, and we’re one of the few firms that actually gets up on the roof to accurately assess its condition.

Comprehensive Reports, Delivered Fast

Within 24 hours of your inspection — usually the same day — you’ll have a detailed report of our findings, including photos of any issues.

90-Day Warranty

With a home inspection from TLC, you’ll receive 90 days of protection and coverage. Our contract covers water lines, electrical wiring, kitchen appliances, HVAC units, and other mechanical and structural concerns. For more details on parts and labor coverage, download our 90-day warranty brochure.

90-Day Home Inspection Warranty
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Extended Home Warranty Coverage

Home warranties are a great investment, but never cover enough. That’s why we’ve teamed with Residential Warranty Services to cover more of your stuff than competitors. Plus, if you order their 12-month service through us, you’ll get an extra six months of coverage at no cost.

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RecallChek is included in all full home inspections that TLC performs. Our inspector records the make and model of all appliances in the home. You’ll then be notified of any and all current or future recalls related to these applicances.


If you discover the growth of new mold in your property within 90 days after the inspection, we’ll cover the cost of remediation if there were no visible mold issues stated in our report. Download our MoldSafe agreement to view policy details.


Up to 90 days after the inspection date, you are eligible to receive coverage for water line and sewer line failures. To learn more about policy details on repair work, download our SewerGard agreement.

Platinum Roof Protection

With our Platinum Roof Protection Plan, gain peace of mind for future leak repairs. We offer coverage for all residential roof types during the 5-year period following inspection. Download our protection plan to learn more.

NXT Structural Warranty

We are providing a free $100,000 NXT Structural Warranty with every inspection. For more details, download our NXT Structural Warranty PDF or watch this video.

Concierge Team at Your Service

We are proud to be one of just a few companies in the country that offers complimentary concierge service to our customers. This service includes assistance with the following:

  • Registering your 90-day Home Inspection Warranty
  • Activating utilities and other home services
  • Scheduling a home security consultation

This is our gift to you. You’ll only pay for the services you wish to take advantage of, such as cable TV. Please check our resources for other helpful materials, and read our client reviews to learn what our customers have to say about us.

Why Order an Inspection?

Our services are relevant throughout the home buying and selling process, including when building a brand-new home. TLC’s home inspectors can gather valuable information at various stages of the process:

  • Pre-pour — Inspect the foundation prior to placement of concrete, reinforcing steel, formwork plumbing, and any electrical work.
  • Pre-drywall — Inspect structural framing and roofing, electrical and plumbing rough-ins, mechanical work-in-place and other work-in-place prior to drywall installation.
  • New Home — Identify any items that need attention prior to the final walk through with your builder. This gives you leverage to address these issues before making the last bank draw.
  • Pre-Warranty Expiration — Schedule an inspection before your 12-month builder’s warranty expires, while there is still time for the builder to fix any problems.

Comprehensive Pre-Listing Inspections

For sellers, we offer Pre-Listing Inspections, a thorough assessment of the property to ensure it’s ready to sell. The findings can also come in handy while you’re negotiating a deal.

Pre-Listing Inspections in Texas
Pre-Listing Inspection Consultation in Marble Falls

Ready to order a TLC home inspection in Austin, TX? Our convenient online scheduler is available 24/7, or you can contact us during business hours at (512) 900-2191 to speak with a member of our full-time staff.