Homeowners Insurance 101: What You Need to Know

Next to your home inspection from TLC Home Inspections, PLLC, homeowners insurance is the next best investment for protecting your property. However, purchasing this type of insurance can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure how it works and what it covers. To help you understand homeowners insurance better, we’ve put together this guide that covers … Continued

The Benefits of a Termite Inspection

Termites can cause major structural damage to your home. So, it’s not shocking that termite inspections are the number one requested service from TLC Home Inspections, PLLC.  But why is it so important to make sure that you get an annual termite inspection by a certified professional? Here are some of the benefits of a … Continued

Mold and Your Pets: What You Need to Know

We all know mold can be hazardous to our health, but did you know it can also be dangerous for your pets? Mold is one of the most common allergens in indoor environments. It can cause allergic reactions in both humans and animals. Below, TLC Home Inspections, PLLC explains they symptoms your pets can experience … Continued

Fireplace Safety Tips for New Homeowners

If you are a new homeowner, it is important to know about fireplace safety. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t think about the dangers of fireplaces until it’s too late. While a home inspection from TLC Home Inspections, PLLC, will help you with any necessary repairs, there are still some precautions you’ll want to take … Continued

Lead-Based Paint Explained

Lead paint is a serious environmental hazard. If you’re looking at a home but are worried about lead paint, TLC Home Inspections, PLLC will identify it. Remember, it is important to remove lead-based paint safely and properly. So, let’s discuss some of the best practices for doing so and the risks associated with lead paint … Continued

3 Ways to Beat the Texas Heat in Your Home

Living in Texas can be a challenge during the summer months. The temperatures reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more every day, and it feels like there is no relief in sight. While a home inspection from TLC Home Inspections, PLLC, can identify sources of air leaks or tell you if your HVAC system is operating … Continued

The 5 Best Neighborhoods in Austin

Austin, TX, is quickly on the rise. Thanks to a booming economy, a bustling downtown, and great weather year-round, this city remains the fastest growing map dot in the country. With all this growth comes neighborhood expansion. So, we’re looking at just a handful of locations where you might want to buy a home. Just … Continued

Why Choose TLC Home Inspections, PLLC

Finding the right inspector to conduct your home inspection isn’t as easy as it should be. Unfortunately, not every inspector takes their jobs as seriously as we do here at TLC Home Inspections, PLLC. Some will charge high prices and conduct poor inspections that don’t protect your investment. Others are cheap and inexperienced. So, how … Continued