Don’t let pests drive you out of your dream home — or keep you from buying it. Contact TLC Home Inspections, PLLC at (512) 900-2191 to schedule a termite inspection at your current or prospective property in the Austin area. Since 2007, TLC has provided thorough home assessments throughout Texas Hill Country, including Georgetown, San Antonio, Round Rock, and our hometown of Marble Falls.

Signs of an Infestation

We understand that your home is your sanctuary. Ensure that it stays that way with regular termite inspections from TLC Home Inspections. Checkups can keep a possible infestation much more manageable, as can awareness on your part. If your next-door neighbor has a problem, there’s a chance that you do too. Here are some signs to watch for:

  • Swarming — Mature colonies of these wood-destroying insects produce swarmers (winged adults). If swarmers are found inside, that is usually a symptom of a larger problem.
  • Mud Tubes — Mud tubes found on walls, floor joists, or floor systems are highways for termites. Call us at (512) 900-2191 right away if you see these signs.
  • Feeding — Wood that is soft and easily disintegrates when poked is a sign of a possible infestation, as is wood that sounds hollow when you tap on it with a screwdriver handle.
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Pest Inspection Expertise

Should our inspection reveal a problem, we would of course advise you to treat your home. If you would like, we can make a referral within our wide network of trusted service providers and contractors to handle the remediation. As much as we’d like to help, we can’t do it ourselves because Texas law prohibits inspectors from working on anything in a house they’ve evaluated for one year.

In addition to pest inspection services, we offer other specialty inspections including mold inspections and of course comprehensive home assessments for buyers and sellers. Check out our reviews to see what others have to say about our array of services.

Be sure to ask about our concierge services. We think you’ll agree they are an exceptional value. All of our resources are designed to take the stress out of home ownership.

Call TLC today at (512) 900-2191 to set up a termite inspection or another service. Our professional team meets the state’s stringent training and licensing requirements, and we are fully insured and more than qualified to inspect your Austin-area property.