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Top 3 Tips for New Home Buyers


You’re a first-time home buyer, and you probably couldn’t be more excited to own your own piece of Austin, TX. We don’t blame you. There’s a certain pride that comes with home ownership. However, the process in getting there can be fraught with trials. To avoid undue stress, consider these three tips from our team at TLC Home Inspections.

1. Shop in your price range.

It’s easy to start getting starry-eyed about homes. You begin to think about what you could get if you just spent $10,000 or $15,000 more on a home. However, we recommend that you stay grounded and stay within your home-buying budget. To help you determine how much home you can afford, be sure to work with a home loan consultant and have a working personal budget. That way, you will know your mortgage pre-approval rate as well as how much you can afford on a monthly basis.

2. Separate needs and wants.

You can always change the cosmetic details (wall color, flooring, light fixtures, etc.) in any property. Don’t get hung up on these details. Focus on the aspects you cannot change: structure, location, yard size, number of rooms, and so on. By separating your needs versus your wants, you can stay focused during your house search.

3. Never opt out of your home inspection.

Many first-time home buyers wonder why they need a residential inspection. They’re tempted to skip it to speed things along, or they’re certain they can spot big issues on their own. However, remember this: The home inspection is your last opportunity to protect your investment. An experienced home inspector allows you to have another pair of eyes on the property to spot major issues or repairs. Plus, they can help you anticipate future repairs (like roof, water heater replacement, etc.). But the main reason you want an inspection is the ability to go back to the seller and request repairs or renegotiate the purchase price. Without the inspection report, you’re locked into your original offer and agreement.

To schedule a home inspection with a quality inspector right here in the Austin area, contact TLC Home Inspections at (512) 515-3686. You can also schedule an inspection online anytime at your convenience. We help first-time home buyers just like you navigate the inspection process and move forward in your journey toward home ownership.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay

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