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Brown Recluse Spider

Top 3 Bugs to Keep Out of Your Austin Home


No one likes to have bugs around the house. However, while ants and flies are pesky, they’re tolerable in comparison to some of Texas’s crazier creatures. While our team at TLC Home Inspections doesn’t want to give you the creeps, we do want you to be aware of some Texas bugs you don’t want in your Austin home. Here are a few listed by the Houston Press.

1. Brown Recluse Spider

These spiders stay true to their name and tend to keep to themselves. However, because they like to hide, they often go unnoticed by homeowners and can accidentally come into contact with them without them knowing. These venomous spiders most commonly hang out in garages, barns, or closets. If your clothes are piled on the ground, be sure to check them before putting them on.

2. Striped Bark Scorpion

Mention the word “scorpion” to about any homeowners, and panic ensues. While the striped bark scorpion isn’t generally lethal, its bite can be quite painful, so you want to do your best to keep these pests out of your home (and your shoes, where they often like to hide).

3. Asp Caterpillar

What could go wrong with a fuzzy caterpillar, right? Well, this particular fuzzy caterpillar has hidden spines in its fuzzy coat that can cause painful skin irritations. The Asp Caterpillar is generally found in gardens, flower beds, and on trees. While tempting to touch, we recommend that you just avoid caterpillars to stay safe.

Do you have additional insects pestering your Austin home? Find out with a pest inspection from TLC Home Inspections. Our qualified inspectors would be glad to check out your home, and if any pests are found, recommend a Houston-area pest removal service from our trusted network. To find out more or to schedule a pest inspection, contact us today at (512) 515-3686.



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Public domain via the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

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