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Red Flags For Home Buyers


Buying a new home is one of the biggest personal investments most of us make and the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. Of course, you can’t have a home inspection done for each property you look at, so the experts at TLC Home Inspections have put together a list of five red flags to watch out for when house hunting.

Pre-Inspection Red Flags For Home Buyers

1. Signs of neglect or poor maintenance around the house or property should be obvious red flags. Imagine what else may have been neglected if the visible things have been left in disrepair before showing the house.

2. Take a walk around the exterior of the house and look for obvious problems in the foundation such as bulges or large horizontal cracks. Foundation problems can point towards serious structural problems or potential water seepage. Also look to see that the yard, garden beds, driveway and walkways are all slightly sloped away from the house so that water is being directed away from the foundation.

3. Test out the windows and doors. If they are jammed or inoperable, this could be another indication that the house has shifted and there could be structural problems. Plus, foggy, cracked windows can be expensive to replace.

4. No one wants to buy and house and find out about a pest infestation down the road. Keep your eyes open for signs of bugs and critters such as sawdust or feces but remember, these are often not readily visible. You may want to hire a pest inspection expert if you suspect termites, carpenter ants or any other unwanted visitors.

5. Peeling or discolored paint on ceilings or walls, bulges, crumbling plaster or drywall, obvious patch jobs, and musty odors can all be indicators of water damage. You’ll want to be sure that water seepage, plumbing problems, or a leaky roof have been fixed unless you want ongoing problems with rot and mold.

After you’ve given an Austin property a thorough once-over on your own, contact TLC at (512) 515-3686 for a professional home inspection. Armed with one of our reports you will be empowered to make your best offer or, you may decide to walk away. Schedule an inspection online and be on your way to home ownership in no time!

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