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How Your Bed Can Make You Sick and Why Protection Is Necessary


You finally moved into your new place, unpacked all of your belongings, and settled in. It’s time to relax, right? Wrong! Even if you have conducted a thorough examination of your new property yourself, invisible dangers lurk within the fissures. Your unit could contain ailments that could make you sick or damage your property. Even your mattress poses a danger; the American Lung Association estimates four out of five homes have at least one mattress that is infested with bed mites. TLC Home Inspections conducts expert home inspections in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas. Call (512) 515-3686 to schedule an appointment today! 

Most people think of their beds as a place of comfort, but some studies have shown that your bed absorbs at least 26 gallons of sweat a year within its fibers. This can grow bacteria and cause sickness.

How Your Bed Can Make You Sick

Most people do not consider that where they spend a third of their life can make them sick. In a recent study, 10 regularly used pillows were examined and found to contain 47 species of fungi. Beds have been found to house a myriad of bacteria and allergens that can infect your body. Blood-sucking pests such as bedbugs can irritate your skin and make you sick. Less aggressive species such as dust mites also create dangers as their waste creates aggravating bodily reactions such as itchy eyes and nostrils and can even trigger asthma.

Bacteria Found In Beds Infographic

How Your Bed Cover Can Protect You

Shielding your mattress with a high-quality bed cover is the best way to defend yourself against bed bugs. With a mattress cover, you can trap current infestations within the box spring and prevent any more egg laying in the fabric. Bed covers also block mites and other pests from breeding within your sheets. Due to the fact that a bed cover can be unzipped and washed, they can be regularly cleaned in a traditional washing machine which will get rid of any growing bacteria or fungi.

Are bed covers a good investment? Yes, but they can’t account for the rest of your home. You deserve to rest easy in your new home. Contact the professionals online at TLC Home Inspections to schedule a full expert evaluation, or call (512) 515-3686 for immediate assistance.

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