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4 Major Components of a Home Inspection


Buying a house is a huge decision, so you can’t be over-informed of the home’s condition before making your final decision. When TLC Home Inspectors is on your side, you can trust that you have a partner with your best interests at heart. Schedule an inspection online or by calling us today at (512) 515-3686.

1. Water, Water Everywhere

One of the biggest categories on a home inspector’s checklist has to do with moisture. Excess moisture is one of the most problematic issues a house can have .We’ll check for leaks in the attic and basement, make sure the plumbing system is in good shape, and ensure that there are no signs of mold.

2. Structure and Foundation

If the foundation of a building is sound, you’ll be in great shape to spend years in that house. But if there are problems, you need to know up front. Some structural and foundation issues can be resolved, but we’ll make sure you know your options. The roof, ceilings, doors, windows, and floors will all get examined thoroughly.

3. Electrical System and Appliances

If anything can be turned off or on, we’ll look it over. It’s absolutely imperative that the electrical system work perfectly, with no shorts or overloaded circuits. Particularly with older homes, this step is critical. Building codes have changed significantly over the years, and not all older homes have been updated to current standards.

4. Specialty Inspections

Got a pool or detached garage? We are experienced in performing specialty inspections on a wide variety of additional structures and features. These can be added to the full inspection for an additional fee.

When you have found the home of your dreams, make sure that your feet are kept firmly on the ground with a home inspection from TLC Home Inspections in Austin, Texas. You’ll always know what to expect, and what you can do to make a smart home purchase. Schedule your home inspection today by calling (512) 515-3686.

Source: The Balance

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