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4 FAQs about Home Inspections


Home InspectionMost home buyers know that they need to do a home inspection to protect themselves in their real-estate investments. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have several questions about the inspection process or report.

Let us answer a few of the most common questions we get about our home inspection services at TLC Home Inspections of Marble Falls, TX.

1. What does a home inspection include?

At TLC Home Inspections, we carefully follow the InterNACHI industry standards for a thorough home inspection. You can expect our crew to look at your home’s systems (HVAC, plumbing, electrical), structure and foundation, visible roof condition, attic and insulation, floors, windows, and basement. We cover all the basics to make sure you understand the overall condition of the property.

2. Do I need to be at the inspection?

Technically, you don’t have to be there. However, we highly recommend that if you’re serious about buying a house that you be present at the inspection. You may even want to have your realtor present as well since they interact with inspectors regularly. It’s much easier for the inspector to show you potential problems or concerns in person than to convey everything via the inspection report. Plus, you can ask plenty of questions, in case you need further clarification.

3. How long before I get the report?

At TLC Home Inspections, we know that the inspection report is crucial to your home-buying negotiations. Therefore, we work hard to compile a thorough report as soon as possible. Typically, we send you the report with pictures the same day and no more than 24 hours after the inspection is completed.

4. If the house is new, do I really need an inspection?

Yes. Definitely yes. Even new construction can have flaws, and the home inspection protects you—the buyer—from being stuck with those unknowns. Once you’ve signed all the paperwork, that home is yours, and your negotiating power is no more. It’s always best to protect yourself and your financial investment by getting a home inspection.

Do you have additional questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our team at (512) 515-3686 to get more information or to schedule your home inspection. TLC Home Inspections serves Texas home buyers and sellers in the greater Austin, Round Rock, and Georgetown areas.


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