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3 Ways to Childproof Your Home

3 Ways to Childproof Your Home


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 2.5 million children die due to hazards in the home. What makes this statistic worse is that most of these deaths could be prevented through child safety measures in the home. Many parents understand the importance of a home inspection from TLC Home Inspections, but they rarely recognize the other hazards that could cause harm. So, here are several ways you can childproof your home and make it safe for everyone.

1. Locks and Latches

Children are naturally curious, and it seems they always get into things they shouldn’t. To help protect your kids, install latches and locks on kitchen drawers, appliances, and even toilets. These safety precautions will prevent them from getting into harsh cleaning chemicals and medications. The ones on your toilets will also help prevent accidental drownings, especially if you have a little one who’s fascinated by water.

2. Smoke Detectors

To protect your family and ensure their safety during a house fire, make sure you have a smoke detector installed on every floor. You might also take it a step further and install one in every bedroom. This inexpensive alarm system saves millions of lives every year by alerting people to smoke and a potential fire. If you already have smoke detectors throughout your home, then check and replace the batteries regularly to ensure they continue to work properly.

3. Baby Gates

Baby gates are crucial for homes that have stairs. These safety gates help protect crawling babies and small children from tumbling down a flight of stairs. Make sure you install ones that are durable and can’t easily be dislodged. New baby gates entering the market now come with the seal of approval from the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association, so look for this logo whenever you’re purchasing a new safety gate for your home.

Protect Your Family and Your Home

When it comes to your children’s safety, you can never be too cautious. In addition to childproofing your home, having your house inspected by TLC Home Inspections gives you an added peace of mind. Throughout Austin, TX, parents trust us to inspect their sewers, roofs, and test for mold. If you’re ready to schedule an inspection, give us a call today at (512) 515-3686.

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