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3 Ways a Drought Impacts Your Home

3 Ways a Drought Impacts Your Home


Here in Texas, we’re seeing very little rain and abnormally dry conditions due to the La Niña season. When our state doesn’t get enough rain, drought conditions can quickly settle in and homeowners often witness changes in their homes. With a proper home inspection from TLC Home Inspections, you’ll be able to find out just how a drought is impacting your home. Here are some of the impacts you may find in our inspection report.

3 Ways a Drought Impacts Your Home

1. Cracked Asphalt

One of the most common concerns for homeowners during a drought is the cracking of asphalt, whether it be around the home’s foundation or in sidewalks and driveways. When asphalt is exposed to extreme heat, it can become dry and brittle, causing surfaces inside and outside to crack. When homeowners notice a crack in their walls during a drought, it’s usually a sign of a more extensive crack outside. It’s also common to find cracks in chimneys, tiles, and brickwork.

2. Crumbling Foundation

When the Longhorn state experiences a prolonged drought, home foundations are usually the hardest hit. The soil and dirt around the foundation quickly dries and cracks, which then fails to support the home’s weight. The longer the soil around the home dries out, the more likely you are to experience significant foundational shifts. Some homeowners witness their homes sink into the ground, while others find large cracks running up their walls or rooms with sloped floors.

3. Sticky Windows & Doors

During drought conditions, some people begin to notice doors and windows sticking. This can be alarming to those who don’t realize their foundation has shifted below their feet. While it might be tempting to assume these fixtures are just old and need to be replaced, the root of the problem could actually be below ground. It’s important to have an inspection performed during a drought so that you can get a detailed report of the weather-related damage in your home.

Call the Inspection Experts

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. That’s why it’s important to protect it during any dry season we experience in Austin, TX. When hundreds or even thousands of dollars are on the line, you need reliable inspectors on your side. The team at TLC Home Inspections, is here for you. We’ll explore every crevice of your home, including around the foundation and in the attic. And when you’re looking for a pre-listing inspection, mold inspection, or a pool or spa inspection, we’ve got you covered in those arenas too. Schedule your appointment online or call us at (512) 515-3686.

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